How Do I Get Leads for My New Business?

Generating leads is a top priority for all types of businesses and industries.

Nevertheless, it can be difficult sometimes, especially when it comes to new business leads that do not have the help of a marketing specialist. Therefore, it is common that business owners like you wonder, “how do I get leads for my new business?” Fortunately, there are some easy strategies available to generate leads online. Continue reading to find them out!

How to Generate Leads

1. PPC Advertising

By placing you at the top of search engine research, PPC advertising provides your business with traffic immediately. Moreover, AdWords is constantly testing keywords, which allows you to improve your existing SEO campaigns efficiently.

The combination of ads and other Google-branded results showing up on search engine pages and a huge number of low-volume keywords generates a successful, less expensive, and highly effective PPC campaign. Therefore, whether an agency helps you get started or manages your AdWords campaign, it should be able to create, optimize, and manage your campaign for its integral development and effective results. For instance, in the Pool & Spa marketing industry, a pool builder marketing agency will be right for you by managing and improving your campaign as mentioned.

2. Share High-value Content

After creating an efficient website, make sure to share valuable content that shows your knowledge as a business while you build search engine optimization for your online site and generate leads. Besides blog posts, consider using other types of content such as videos, graphics, e-books, etc. To get the most out of this content, be sure to obtain contact information from your potential customers in exchange for access to it.

To improve your content, consider targeting the leaders of your industry. Learn about what is most interesting to them and choose the format they prefer, so you can promote your business accordingly.

3. Facebook Ads

You have probably heard about Facebook Ads before, but if the way it works is not still clear enough, you might wonder, “how do I get leads for my new business using Facebook Ads?” Well, if you’re willing to pay, this could be one of your best options to drive leads. As Facebook Ads provides you with access to specific targeting options such as interests, location, and even age, it is likely to boost your reach to new customers.

Follow the next tips to generate leads successfully using Facebook Ads:

  • Use eye-catching and bright colors.
  • The content people are clicking through to and your ad should be related.
  • Read Facebook’s guide before choosing cost per impressions (CPM) or cost per clicks (CPC).
  • Run your first ad using your list of customers to find similar Facebook users

4. Partner With Other Businesses

If you wonder, “how do I get leads for my new business by partnering with others?” well, a simple way to do that is through a referral partnership that will provide you with a percentage of the revenue from the referrals you send to the other business and vice versa. Ask your legal team to get the paperwork ready to set all the stipulations and make sure that information is clear to both parties.

5. Offer Discounts and Coupons

Another effective way to generate new business leads is to offer discounts and coupons. Once you have created them, make sure your customers can find them in your website, social media platforms, and e-mail. If mailing is part of your marketing budget, you can use it to distribute coupons and discounts too.

6. Email Marketing

According to research, personalized emails generated up to six times higher revenue than non-personalized emails and campaigns, and you can do it too. So, if now your question is, “how do I get leads for my new business using e-mail marketing?” Well, you can start building brand loyalty with potential customers while generating leads for your business.

All you need to do is use your email platform to personalize your greeting to include your customers’ names; as well as to group your contacts by name, location, expressed interests, etc. Make sure to track your success to evolve and improve your leads. Moreover, place links in different places of your email to increase the number of clicks and track which ones are clicked more frequently to learn your customers’ habits and improve your business.

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