What’s the 2nd Most Important Page On Your Website?

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When was the last time you looked at your website? For most business owners, either they built their site years ago and have not revisited it, or they had their web developer put together the website because they didn’t want to deal with that web stuff mumbo jumbo.
The truth is that, along with all of the other duties as a business owner, your website needs your attention too. It needs to be a valid representation of your company online. Bare minimum it needs to portray who you are, what you do, and how to get a hold of you. Beyond that, your website should show potential customers your personality, your passion, and your vision.

What Is The 2nd Most Important Page Of Your Website?

You may think it is your Services page, or your Contact Us page, or your Blog, but the answer might surprise you. The page that most customers spend the most time on is your About Us page. ‘About Us’ pages are important because they are the second most visited page on any website. This makes sense because the average customer is looking at three different websites trying to decide whom to do business with. They look to the About Us page to see which business differentiates themselves from the others.

Some reasons customers click on your About Us page:

  • They want to see whom they will be dealing with and how you conduct business.
  • They want to understand the history and background of the company
  • They want to see the team members & company roles
  • They want to make sure that it is a ‘real’ business and not just some lead generation site that will send them to a random service provider. They want to make sure the business is legit.
  • They want to view the business’s success.
  • They want to see if the business serves their location.
  • They want to see if the business provides the service they need.
  • Customer Service Policy
  • Guarantees and/or any Warranties
  • Awards & Recognition
  • Mission Statement

Today’s users are accustomed to having information at their fingertips and will research before making a purchase. In a social-media heavy world, consumers need to feel on a personal level before making a commitment. Do you come off as human?

Use “Real” Photos
Research has shown businesses that use technical writing and stock photos come off as untrustworthy. Using photos of your staff, and your location humanizes your business and builds trust. Increasing company trust naturally produces higher-quality leads. In a scam-heavy environment – the more photos you can use to reflect your business (storefront, company vehicle, uniforms, projects…etc.), the better-off you will be as far as credibility.

Tell A Story
Going back to social-media – users are accustomed to using the internet to tell their personal stories. From the dawn of time humans have told stories in order to pass down information, and as a business owner you know building rapport before negotiating with small talk increases your success. “Make a friend before you make a sale” – this starts at the ‘About Us’ page, introduce yourself. Perhaps you’ve been in the area for years, and remember a specific history or moment about that area. Other consumers in the area will also remember that history, and they will begin to relate to your business on a deeper level – before you’ve even met them.

How do you do business?
People visit your website to learn more about what your company has to offer and they are relying on YOU to tell them. The ball is in your court when they land on this page – pitch them your A-game! Give a list of reasons why you are the best in the industry, and in this way you’re helping the consumer make an informed decision. You’re familiar with walking a consumer through the sales process – again, start before you’ve even met them.

At this point you probably realize what your website doesn’t say about you, but the good news is you know how to fix it! With the information above you are equipped to increase your appearance, reputation and credibility simply by changing or adding a page to your website – tell the world.


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