3 Ways To Start Driving Traffic

Lead generation is the life line of your business. Without a steady flow, you are unable to grow as a business. Driving new leads through your door is our #1 concern, so we have put together a quick hit list on our three favorite ways to start driving new leads, immediately.

1) PPC (Pay Per Click)

pay-per-click-marketing-600x241PPC is our favorite way of driving traffic, because it is instant. You can turn it on and turn it off with a click of a mouse. Of course it isn’t that easy, but you really can get it going in one day. (If you are going to try this yourself, read our article on the 19 Most Common PPC Mistakes.)
Some people don’t like PPC, or don’t want to pay for it, or don’t think it works. That’s fine, we aren’t trying to change anyone’s mind. Actually, yes we are. Our company spends over $100,000 a month on PPC for our clients, and it brings in hundreds of leads per day.
The reason that it is our favorite is because along with having the ability to show up at the top of Google within minutes, it is extremely trackable, and you can calculate your return on investment pretty easily. You can use tracking numbers, conversion forms, and even remarketing to advertise to customers once they have already left your website.
Our thought is that if you can put one penny into Google and get back two, then let’s use that formula and drive as much new business as you need!

2) Facebook

Facebook advertising has quickly become our second favorite way of driving new leads. The most amazing aspect about Facebook that not too many know about is the amount of targeting you can do. Facebook has so much data on it’s users, it allows us to target demographics of men vs women, age range, home ownership, household income, number of years lived in that house, kids or no kids, etc. The amount of targeting is incredible, and because of this, we can create the perfect ad for the perfect group.
For instance, one suggestion we have is to target male homeowners between 35-54 with a household income north of $200k, that have lived in their house more than 6 years.
Pro Tip: The ad creative for this group is going to be an attractive women laying out poolside. (Attention matters)
Another group that we recommend targeting are female homeowners between 35-54 with a household income of $200k and up, have lived in their home more than 6 years, that also have kids.
Pro Tip: The ad creative for this group is going to be kids splashing and enjoying the pool. (Theater of the mind is important when trying to get people intrigued.)
We love using a lead magnet type ad, something like “Learn How You Can Finance A Swimming Pool for Less Than $400/Month”. And have them click the ad, go to an opt-in page where they have to enter their name & email address to receive the report. That way we can get them in our nurture email system, and deliver the information on financing.

3) Reviews and Referrals

Are you asking your happy clients to give you reviews online? Online reviews (also known as “social proof”) is something that can make your business boom, or could have new customers running away. Check out our Online Review Guide where we talk about which sites you need to get reviewed on, and also some tips on how to easily get these reviews from your clients.
Similar to Reviews, are you asking for referrals? Referrals are some of the best leads of all, and you don’t have to beg to get them. Just ask! Too many builders finish a project, thank the client, and walk away. Ask the customer if they enjoyed their experience with you. If the answer is “yes”, ask them if they have any friends or neighbors who might be interested in having the same delightful experience.
Another way to ask for referrals from your “cold” list is to offer an incentive program for old customers. Craft an email message that you can blast out to your customer base letting them know that you are launching a client appreciation referral program. Maybe offer a $300 gift card for anyone who sends you a new referral.
Regardless if you are a new pool builder, or a builder who has been in business for 30 years, develop a system to get both reviews and referrals. You will see the benefit over and over.
Pro tip – the best time to ask for reviews and referrals are when you are “handing over the keys” to the customer’s brand new pool.

BONUS – 4) Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is more of a long-play game. SEO is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s unpaid results—often referred to as “natural,” “organic,” or “earned” results, meaning that the search engines recommend YOU when someone does a search online.
SEO is a little complicated, but you can learn a little bit about it on our SEO for Pool Builders page.
The most important SEO factors on your website are title tag, meta description, and h1 tags. These are the first place that the search engines look to find out what your site is about. Of course having good content is also key. You need to have content on your site that is useful to your customers. If they come to your page and find what they are looking for, they will stay longer, and Google see’s this. The longer people stay on your site, the higher your site will rank. A cool tip to get people to engage longer is to have a video above the fold on your site. If it’s good, people will stay and watch.
SEO also takes a look at how your business is listed with online directories such as Yelp, YellowPages.com, Facebook, etc. You want to have a consistent NAP (Name, Address, Phone) across all of these sites. To see how you are listed online, head over to our Free Local Listings Scan. It takes about 30 seconds and can really open your eyes on how the web see’s your business.

About The Author

Geoff Frink is the co-founder of Pool Builder Lead Rocket. Geoff’s passion revolves around working with clients to improve their online presence in order to sell more pools.

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