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Email Marketing

Creating a solid e-mail marketing campaign is tricky for any business

Creating a solid e-mail marketing campaign is tricky for any business, but can be even more so in the unique world of pool building. Thankfully, this simple guide will help streamline e-mail marketing for pool builders and make it more successful.

Create a List of Your Services and Your Objectives

Brainstorm exactly what services you want to offer the people on your e-mail list, your objectives as a pool builder, and write them down. Now, describe them in great detail using positive and fun language. For example, you can highlight a unique approach you take to pool building, such as adding fountains or other decorations.

Make a Mailing List

Many businesses simply collect information from past customers when creating an e-mail marketing campaign. As a pool builder, you don’t have that luxury: past customers aren’t likely to buy a second or even a third pool from you. That’s why you need to do a little legwork.

First of all, create a free e-mail newsletter option on your website, which allows people to sign up to hear about installation discounts. The e-mails you get from that newsletter can give you a pretty good idea of the type of people who are interested in your services.

Avoid choosing e-mail addresses at random, however: that comes across as spam and will annoy many potential customers. In fact, their e-mail may just sort it into spam folders without their input.

Writing Your E-Mails

When it comes time to actually craft your e-mails, be specific: Offer actual price quotes and a detailed description of available services. For example, you should let your potential customers know exactly how much installation will cost, per cubic foot of pool.

But don’t give everything away: try to keep some information, such as potential discounts, a secret. That way, they’ll have to reach out to you to learn more.

When writing the e-mails, try to personalize each one, if possible. Add any information you may have gleaned about the individual, address them personally, and use friendly and open terms.

If you have any more information about marketing as a pool builder, don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more.

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