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November 25th, 2016 Posted by blog 0 comments on “A Perfect Fit for Pool Builders”

Visuals are a perfect fit for Pool Builders!

There’s something about a swimming pool that captivates practically everyone’s attention. They have a WOW factor that few others can rival. So, when you consider the best approach to take in creating an internet marketing strategy for your pool building business, use that wow factor to your advantage. And the best way to do that is with visuals – they’re a perfect fit for marketing pool construction.

Here are four ways you can use visuals to market your business online:

1. Minimize written ad copy.
In most advertising, whether it’s online or off, text is the primary tool used to tell the company’s story or communicate the features and benefits of a particular product. But to market swimming pools, it’s better to show the prospective customer the benefits. This will generate a high level of interest right in the beginning, which is what you want. The written details about features, benefits, etc. can come later.
2. Publish visual case studies on your website or blog.
The most effective case studies for pool builders are those consisting primarily of visuals. A great way to create a simple, but effective, case study is to take before and after photos. Just be sure to take the “before” photos before any work begins, and take the “after” photos upon completion of all the landscaping around the pool. The only text you really need is a testimonial from the customer.
3. Create graphic journals of your projects.
In addition to before and after photos, you should also take daily pictures as the work progresses. Smartphones and other mobile devices make this very easy to do. Even if you don’t notice much progress from one day to the next, having these pictures on hand will enable you to create a comprehensive a visual journal of the project. When you’ve completed the project, you can have a hard-copy version of the journal printed by a service like BookBaby, and give it to the customer as a keepsake.
4. Leverage social media – yours and the customer’s.
In addition to the usual social media marketing tactics like sharing relevant content with your contacts, you can leverage your customer’s social media activity. Referring back to item 2, you can post links to your visual case studies on your social media pages. Referring back to item 3, as you take your daily progress photos, share them with your customer, either by emailing them the images or posting them on their social media pages. Either way, if your customer is even a little active on social media, they’ll be posting your pictures regularly along with their own progress reports.
Internet marketing really is a perfect fit for your swimming pool related business. For help designing and implementing the perfect online marketing strategy for your business, contact us online or call 512-535-6133. You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter.

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