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Intro: Online Marketing Opportunities…

There are so many different online marketing strategies available today to help you grow your business, but how do you know which ones are the right mix for you? That’s where we come in! We help you take a look at your online presence and develop a custom marketing mix that suits your business. Below you will find the different services we provide, as well as an idea on where we start with pricing.


PPC (Pay Per Click)

PPC is the fastest way to get the phone to start ringing. We can get your business up and on top of the search engines within 24 hours. Not only do PPC campaigns get your phone ringing immediately, but they also give us valuable data about your website and how well it is optimized. We are able to take that data and roll it into an SEO campaign.

Starting price – $2,000/month (no setup fee, no contract)

Remarketing (Retargeting)

You spend a lot of energy driving people to your website, but the stats show that you need to have 7 interactions with someone before they buy a pool. Remarketing gives us the ability to “cookie” people who visit your website once, and then show ads to them after they leave. How cool is that? And the best thing is – we add this to all of our client’s campaigns at no cost! Starting price – FREE!

Web Design

Feel like your website isn’t up to snuff? Let our website team take a look and decide whether you need a few tweaks, or if a full website redesign might make more sense.

Starting price:
Website tweaks – Free
New Website – $3,499 (price can be reduced with PPC campaign)
Website Redesign – $1,499 (price can be reduced with PPC campaign)

Email Marketing

Remember that stat that it takes the average person 7 interactions before the make a pool purchase? This is why email marketing is key! Our team will help you build an automated email marketing sequence to nurture new leads through the pool buying process. It’s proven that this system can double the amount of pools you close once it is in place.

Starting price – $1,499

Next Steps…

We’d like to offer you a blueprint — customized to you … for FREE. We will review your current online presence and marketing strategy and give you our recommendations on how to improve and sell more pools. No obligation

Just give us a call at 512-560-4605 to schedule a time. On the call, we’ll go over what you currently have in place on your website and make recommendations that fit your business.

After our call, you’ll have a plan that you can either implement yourself or have us do it for you in a cost-effective manner.

So give us a call at 512-560-4605 to schedule a time that works for you. We look forward to helping YOU sell more pools!
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Pool Builder Lead Rocket Marketing Team

Pool Builder Lead Rocket Lead Generation

Is your business struggling for leads? Could you use more, better qualified leads? Are you sick of spending money trying to figure out what works? Well look no further! Pool Builder Lead Rocket can solve all of your problems.

Pay Per Click

The Google AdWords platform allows businesses to bid on keyword phrases that are relevant to their product and services– the higher the bids.


Remarketing is the best branding tool that exists and it is essential for pool builders.

Website Design

A visually engaging website is the first step in engaging a new prospect. We’ve helped hundreds of clients build beautiful websites.

Increase your
Business now

We have the tools to take your business to the next level. No contracts, no cancellation fees. You only pay for performance.

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Our pricing is based on multiple factors, the best way to get a custom price quote is to let us know what you are looking for. Don't worry, we are not pushy but we are thorough so please provide your name and email and we will setup a time to talk and get you the best quote possible!

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