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All is good, you and your team are helping me stay very busy. Last year we were up over 80% in construction revenue (mostly in new pool construction).

I am so glad that we have been working together and that you guys are a part of the Master Pool Guild.


President at Genesis Pools, Inc.
(Exeter, CA)

I started working with Joseph at Lead Rocket back in October of 2014. Since then my lead traffic has increased 4 times with out breaking my budget. Joseph is an SEO and SEM wizard. He has all kinds of tactics to generate rankings on search engines. He stays on the cutting edge of search engine strategy to maximize rankings in the most efficient and economical way. I highly recommend and endorse Joseph. He is like a partner in marketing my company. Not just another SEO guy selling a product. He has even helped me to uncover flaws in my call system that have allowed me to better serve new and existing clients that may call in.

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General Manager at Easy Pools
(Austin, TX)

I’ve worked with a lot of different pay per click companies over the years, including the 2 biggies: ReachLocal, and Yodle. In fact, for years, I would tell all my clients and my seminar attendees that if they wanted PPC services, they should contact either one of those 2 companies. But that changed once I met Joseph and Geoff at Lead Rocket.

Like me, these guys SPECIALIZE in the swimming pool industry. So they don’t make the stupid mistakes that all the other PPC guys (including ReachLocal and Yodle) make, such as ignoring the important differences between “fiberglass,” “vinyl liner,” Gunite,” “above ground” and “inground” pools. Ditto with those annoying “multiple meaning” words such as “spa” and “hot tub,” etc.

There’s a lot of other stuff you need to know to be a great PPC expert, and Lead Rocket has consistently demonstrated that they are on top of the game, unlike any other PPC company out there.

I definitely give them “2 thumbs up.”

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MYM Austin

We are thankful we were introduced to Pool Builder Lead Rocket. Our PPC campaign has been outstanding since they took over. Joseph is a pleasure to work with, is very thorough, and takes the time to go over our monthly reports with us to make sure we have a clear understanding as to how our campaign is progressing. Joseph clearly becomes one of the team when he works on our campaign, he brings his positive energy, he educates, and he works to towards constant improvements.

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Dolphin Pools
(Phoenix, AZ)

Since our custom pool company started using Lead Rocket our business has doubled. Their pay per click campaign, along with SEO expertise has kept our phones ringing all year long. The leads we receive are relevant, targeted potential customers. They have also enhanced our website greatly. These guys are always readily available when needed and they have really educated us about internet marketing. We have halted all other forms of advertising since hiring them because we stay so busy. I’ve enjoyed our relationship with PBLR and highly recommend them.

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Cascade Custom Pools
(Austin, TX)

Pool Concepts by Pete Ordaz Inc. has been working with Joseph and crew since early 2013. If we could rate them with 10 stars then we would. We couldn’t be more happy with the results and customer service that Joseph and his team have provided. We had a large corporation prior to finding PBLR and it was so frustrating having to deal with constant turn around and billing errors and lengthy contracts that lock you in. Every year it was the same thing, right before renewal the big corp would send there A team representatives to make promises and could never deliver.

We are so EXTREMELY fortunate that PBLR found us and have completely turned around our confidence and piece of mind. We are a somewhat small family run business but now you can find us at the top of a Google Search right there with the big national companies. The personal response and attention that we get is refreshing and appreciated. A big thing for us is the fact that PBLR knows the proper keywords that apply to our company and cater to the proper clientele for our business. They understand what their strength is and have absolutely perfected it. We refer them with 100 percent confidence and welcome any potential customers to call us so we can share our experience thus far with PBLR. Thank you Pool Builder Lead Rocket, keep up the exceptional work!

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Pool Concepts
(San Antonio, TX)

JC & Geoff have been working with us for the past couple of years and we have nothing but great results.

SEO can be funny, and hard to understand. These guys do all the dirty work to ensure you’re getting the best results for your money.

PPC is also sourced here and the results are noticeable from other companies we have tried in the past.

Regal pools is very pleased with Pool Builder Lead Rocket and will continue to use for years to come.

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Regal Pools
(Spring, TX)

We have 15 clients we are working with now in our Central Texas Division, a $6.2M backlog of homes to start.

Our South Texas Division is stronger than that. We have sold 80% of our last year’s volume already in 38% of this calendar year.

Much is a direct result of your services that we started last December.

They have saved me over 33% per click average since day one.

My # of visits to my website is over 3,400 during these off season month’s.

Actual emails are listed. Actual calls are reviewed. This Shit Is Extremely High Cool!!
You got to remember that in Austin I am just one “Lil Builder” in a sea of builders. We stand out now like a corn stalk in a radish patch! Phone, emails and appointments are happening!)

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Steve Klein Custom Builder

If you are asking yourself:
-How can I grow my business?
-Where are my advertising dollars going to be best spent?
-If I put the dollars into advertising how do I know they will work?
-How do I avoid being taken advantage of when I don’t even fully understand the technology?

Then you are asking the right questions and struggling like most other people to find good answers. I want to share my experience with you because I have been in exactly the same spot and found the answers!

Prime Pool Service is a pool cleaning, service, and remodeling company located in Austin, TX and operating since 2009. Prior to this I was a slight geek in the technology industry and had what I considered to be a pretty good grasp of online advertising, website design, and SEO. Since 2009 we have advertised online and I ran the campaigns and enjoyed solid success. I knew enough to get the job done but I also knew enough to know that I wasn’t nearly as good as I should have been at running the campaigns and web presence, both from a knowledge standpoint and because I was just far too busy running the company! I made the decision to employ a professional, did extensive research, sifted through the 10 companies a month that seem to reach out to me on this subject, and settled on my first choice (which was a disaster). Then I moved to my second choice (which was even worse!). After two years and tens of thousands of dollars wasted working with people whom I knew more about online advertising than they did I found Pool Builder Lead Rocket. In a one hour meeting with Joseph Christoforo I knew immediately this guy and his team knew more than I did. What a breath of fresh air and I signed up for the last remaining Austin marketing spot without hesitation!

Fast forward 12 months and I am happy to report Pool Builder Lead Rocket has exceeded all expectations. By my calculations they are 220% more effective at using my ad budget than I was. My only real problem came in not being able to handle the amount of business that was being generated so we are now retooling our operations capability to meet the demand that I know our marketing will generate. I know how to grow my business. I know where my ad dollars are best spent. I know those dollars work, and most of all I know the team at Pool Builder Lead Rocket intimately now and from the top down they operate with integrity and a view toward a successful long term partnership, rather than some short term gain. Just the partners I want! Please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions as when you have found something so very good you want to share it!

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Prime Pools
(Round Rock, TX)

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