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Pay Per Click

Take Your Offline Marketing Online to PPC Advertising

PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising is about putting your website in front of homeowners searching for a company to build them a pool.
The Google AdWords platform allows businesses to bid on keyword phrases that are relevant to their product and services– the higher the bids, as well as quality of ads and content on the website, the better chance you will have of showing prominently on Google when prospective customers are searching for you.

Establishing a Google Adwords account is FREE and PPC advertisers are only charged the bid amount when a visitor clicks the ad and visits their website. However, not knowing the “in and outs” of setting up an efficient campaign, with the right keywords, attractive ads, accurate tracking and conversion techniques can cost your company wasted time, advertising dollars and resources.

On the other hand, a well-developed AdWords approach can drive quality traffic and significantly increase sales and profits. Find out why PPC marketing works.

As a Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner, Pool Builder Lead Rocket can build and manage a PPC campaign to drive more pool leads to you, including the following services:

  • Produce targeted advertisements and campaigns including all copywriting needs.
  • Keyword research for a targeted list of effective keywords.
  • Minimize the cost per click for each keyword.
  • Monitor conversion rates and optimize the campaign around the converting keywords.
  • Use specific landing pages for best quality score
  • Make use of geo targeting, demographic targeting, divided testing and conversion tracking strategies when possible.
  • Offer performance reports revealing crucial metrics, such as visits and conversion rates.

Push Vs. Pull Marketing

“Push” Marketing

“Traditional advertising uses PUSH Marketing. You are PUSHING a message onto a large audience. It might trigger a few buyers, but the majority of the audience isn’t interested because they don’t have an immediate need.”

“Pull” Marketing

Pay Per Click Advertising is PULL marketing. Customers have a need for the product or service that you provide, and they are going to search for it. If you are not there when they search, you have no chance at acquiring that new customer.”

“Push” Marketing = Traditional Advertising

Typically when we talk about Advertising we think television, radio, billboards, big in-your-face mediums that we see every single day. With the help of a marketing agency and a healthy agency commission, they could get you in front of hundreds or thousands of people. You can do some demographic targeting based on the radio station or TV show, but the core idea is the more people that saw your name, your brand, the more likely they would be to buy from you in the future.

How do you track the efficacy of these mediums? You don’t really (other than ratings) and it’s understandable why you can’t. When’s the last time you paused a TV commercial to write down the number? Pulled your car over to jot down the contact information from a radio ad? Hopefully you aren’t pulling out a pen and paper passing a billboard on the highway! These mediums are great for getting the word out about your business, but you’re casting a wide net, unable to gather any new information about your customers you don’t already know and most importantly, aren’t there at the point of need.

Remember the Yellow Pages? Those gargantuan books of phone numbers you could use as weights for your calisthenics? This was where people ended up when they actually needed the product or service you were offering in your TV & radio ads. This meant your business had to be here, and needed to stand out against the sea of other phone numbers all listed alphabetically and grouped by vertical. In other words, shoved between your competitors.

So you bought ads in the Yellow Pages to stand out. All kinds of different sizes and colors and you could even track how many phone calls you got from the ad because you could place a tracking number there to tell you. Yet, at the end of the day it was still a static ad that couldn’t adjust to the mindset of your consumers and still couldn’t tell you anything about them. Essentially, there was very little you could do to optimize the ad based on results.

Bottom line – with traditional advertising, you are PUSHING a message onto a large audience, some who might be potential buyers, but most who are not.

“Pull” Marketing = PPC Advertising

When the Internet and search engines came along, everything changed. Search engines are now the focal point of the buying process: customers search for the service they need, learn what the solution is, and find a business that can provide that solution. No matter what industry you’re in, the entire ecosystem lives here now, and if you’re not showing up at the top of search results today, you’re losing out on customers. This is where Pay-Per-Click comes in. With the right internet marketing team in your corner, you can be at the top of search results.

It’s not enough to just be at the top though, as Search Engine Advertising offers benefits and tools unmatched by any other marketing medium, and the right internet marketing team is the one that will take the time to use all of these resources to maximize results while minimizing cost. It all centers around optimization.
It starts by targeting need, with an experienced team knowing what terms potential customers use to find your products and services, and more importantly what they don’t use. With a highly targeted keyword list no longer are you paying upfront to just target demographics; with Pay-Per-Click you only pay when someone clicks your ad, not when it’s shown, so with the right targeting you can be certain you’re only spending money on the most qualified leads and not wasting it on people outside your service area.

A great internet marketing team also has the know-how to make your ads larger than your competitors with additional information. Where are you located? Are you a highly reputable business? Do you have a special offer? How can potential customers call you? This is all information that can be featured directly in the ad without the searcher even having to visit your website and can help you stand out from the competition.

If you’re campaign is set up correctly it should run pretty well, but a top notch internet ppc marketing team doesn’t stop there. You need to know exactly how many leads you’re getting, and most importantly what ads and keywords are generating these leads. A Pay-Per-Click campaign run by a savvy team can show you all of this with call recording and form tracking, proving you’re getting a quality return on your investment.

They can then use that information to optimize your campaign, spending your budget smarter to give you more leads for the same cost. If a certain ad, keyword or call to action is generating more leads, we can use certain tools to shift budget to those successful aspects of the campaign and away from less effective parts in real time, ensuring each dollar you’ve invested is working as hard as you did to earn it.

From lead tracking to need targeting, the myriad of advantages Search Engine Advertising offers over other forms of media can be summed up in one term: optimization. The right internet marketing team is the one that can take your marketing budget and make it work more effectively for you over time, not throw it at the wall and hoping something sticks. If you’re not already at the top of search engines taking advantage of the benefits Search Engine Advertising has to offer, the time to find your team is now.

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