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A lot of business owners are turned off when it comes to the pay per click discussion, otherwise known as paid ads, or adwords, or ppc. They don’t want to pay every time someone visits their website. Why should they pay for visitors? They paid a lot to build their website, and it is live on the internet, and you can visit is right her for free by going to Free! Why pay for visitors?

What they don’t understand, is that PPC is one of the most critical marketing avenues that exists today, and if you are ignoring it you are falling behind your competitors. Here are a few reasons why:


1) Active buyers

– search engines are for people who are looking for something, aka, customers who are interested in a product. These are not referrals who already know your name. These are people who have an interest in a product/service, and they are using the most popular search tool on the planet for a company to do business with NOW. They are ready to buy, or at the very least, they are looking to educate themselves on what they are interest in buying. If you are not on the search engines results when they search for you, then you have 0% chance of getting that person to do business with you. 0%. This is targeted marketing. Are you there when they search?


2) Number of options on a google search page

– let’s say you are one of the few businesses that are lucky enough to have google place you on the first page of search results. Well done! This is something to celebrate. But if you are not doing ppc ads, then you are still losing opportunity. There are always 3 ppc ads on top of the organic results. Not only that, if you take a look at the google results page, you will see that an average searcher has over 20 businesses to choose from to do business, and only about 13% of the listings that are shown above the fold are organic.

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The smart guys are in both the paid and the organic areas, because they know that this double’s their chances of getting the valuable click and push your competitors off the page. Double the chances of getting a lead in your door.


3) Business name

– When was the last time you did a search for your business name? Hopefully, you show up as the first listing. However, Google is open game when it comes to bidding on competitor’s names. This means one of your competitors can swoop in and bid on YOUR BUSINESS name for pennies, and be shown above you. Yes, most people who search for your business name will filter through the clutter and get to your website. However is it worth it to you to save a few dollars a month to secure your spot on the search engines and rest assured that you are shown at the top for your own business name? Savvy internet marketers will tell you NO WAY! “Protect me from my competitors and own my territory on the search engines and make my business is #1.”
Those are 3 solid reasons why your business should be utilizing ppc on Google and the other search engines. If you are not currently, and you want tips on how to do it correctly, check out our 19 biggest mistakes people make when running a PPC program. It gives you the best practices on how to run your campaign, and also shows you mistakes to avoid while running your campaign.

“But wait, Google is hard and I don’t want to waste money in something I’m not familiar with or up to speed on!”
If you would like our assistance on getting started, we would be happy to help. And the money you save by hiring us will greatly account for the potentially thousands of $$$ that you could lose by doing it yourself the wrong way. By the way, shouldn’t you be spending your time on what you do best – running your business?


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