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Remarketing / Retargeting for Pool Builders

Remarketing is the best branding tool that exists and it is essential for pool builders. Deciding on building a new pool can be a long sales cycle, and remarketing can land you a job that you would have never gotten. And it’s so cheap that is a no-brainer for pool builders.

Remarketing is a technique that provides you an opportunity to get back in front of prospective customers after they have visited your website. The way it works is that we place a tracking pixel on your website which drops a cookie on anyone’s computer when the visit your site. This tracking pixel then allows us to serve up ads to that visitor long after he has left your website.

We show remarketing ads on google’s content network as well as Facebook.

Let’s look at an example of how this works.

Let’s say that Sally see’s a friends twitter post that she is enjoying her brand new pool. Sally wants a pool too, so she gets on google and finds your website. She looks through your gallery of beautiful pictures and she thinks it looks really nice and she starts to day-dreams about swimming in her own brand new pool. She wants to tell her husband so they can discuss it later, however she has to go pick up the kids from school and she closes the browser before calling you.

Lost customer? Not with remarketing! Since we had our tracking pixel on your website when Sally clicked on it, we now have the opportunity to serve up banner ads to Sally later when she surfs the internet. Next time Sally loads up Facebook – BOOM! Your ad is right in front of her. The next day she heads over to Yahoo Mail and BOOM! Another beautiful ad with a picture of her dream pool. This reminds her to talk to her husband about getting a pool, and when her husband asks which pool builder to use, she is going to tell him about your business, because it has been branded in her memory 3 times now. That’s the power of Remarketing!

Bigger Facebook Ads

In Mid 2014 Facebook introduced larger sidebar ads. This is huge for advertisers and remarketers because you will now get more attention from the eyes of your audience. Check out how big they are!


Bottom Line

Remarketing can help drive web traffic back to your site and improve your conversions, since it lets you target individuals who have actually already revealed interest in your services or products.

You can get as specific as you want in regards to customer audience targeting. Personalized audiences can be created based upon certain products or pages that someone went to on your site. You can even market to “deserted buying cart users” by reaching all the people who entered items in to a shopping cart but didn’t complete the transaction.

Pool Builder Lead Rocket can get you started with a remarketing campaign today.

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