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by | Nov 25, 2016 | Blog, Uncategorized

One of the most important functions of your online presence is to build trust with potential prospects.

Without first building trust, your visitors won’t contact you or even fill out a form on your site to request more information.

The way you build trust on the internet is by displaying signs of social approval, mostly on review sites across the web. The number (and quality) of your online reviews and positive customer testimonials play a huge role in this.

Let’s take a look at an ideal online social presence. Check out what a customer see’s when they do a search:

Think that new prospect has any reservations on whether they are a good builder? Nope! 86% of consumers say they believe the reviews they read online, so it’s important to have positive reviews on all of these third party sites.

Another great thing is to take these good reviews, and add them to YOUR site.

Just think about it: People coming to your website (for the most part) have never heard of you, your company or your brand. Would you trust a stranger you just met on the street? Probably not.

Check out this example on one of our builders “Testimonials” page:

The cornerstone of a great online reputation are your reviews. In tomorrow’s email, I’ll share the secret of consistently getting 5-star reviews with you.

What is pay per click advertising? Pay per click, unlike traditional advertising, does not result in costs until a user clicks your ad and is directed to your website. Rather than being a push medium where your ad is displayed to a wide audience that may include your target market, pay per click is a pull medium. Your ads do not appear until users actively search for you on search engines such as Google, Yahoo! or Bing, or social sites like Facebook. Serving ads only to users who are specifically looking for your products makes your advertising more effective and produces a better ROI (return on investment) than traditional tactics.

There are also targeting tactics that you can use to refine your target and limit your costs. For example, if your business products only serve a specific geographic area, you can target your ads to only serve for searches in that area. You can also set daily budget caps so that you never overspend and select only specific times of the day for your ads to run. One of the biggest benefits of pay per click advertising is that you retain control of your budgets and ads.

If your business is not using pay per click advertising or has struggled to use it effectively, Pool Builder Lead Rocket can help.

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