What’s the Deal with Google+?

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November 25th, 2016 Posted by blog 0 comments on “What’s the Deal with Google+?”
Every pool builder who’s serious about their business should get on Google+ as soon as possible. In particular, Google+ Local is incredibly effective in growing your business. It combines geography, directions, photos, maps, videos, customer discussions/comments and other customizable info widgets about your business. It’s a no-brainer addition to your pool business, especially when so many other social media channels can be rather useless for the industry.
Google+ Local will help your business in the following ways:
  • It puts you on Page 1 of Google search queries because the Google Places/Maps function is a permanent fixture on the page. No matter the amount of money someone might be paying for PPC or SEO, Google+ Local can put a competitor ahead without paying a cent.
  • On that note, let’s underline that Google+ Local is FREE. You will be able to set it up without hiring anyone.
  • Google+ Local is still a well-kept secret, so a lot of people don’t even know to use it. Thus, any serious amount of content creation can make your pool company stand out.
  • Any connected website will have its search rankings improve because of the connection to Google+ Local. Google pays attention to pages that are part of its Google+ empire, so the algorithms behind their search queries will give your page more attention.
  • This is the direction all social media will follow in the coming years. The simple information delivery provided by Google+ Local gives everything to potential customers within a click. Google has the leverage within the social media market to make this kind of setup the SOP (standard operating procedure).
It’s also worth noting that, in many ways, your company’s Google+ Local page already exists. Just “claim it” and turn the page into the massively effective business conduit it means to be. If you haven’t populated it, it is simply filled with “default” content supplied by Google. One question, though:
How Do You Claim Your Page?
  • Click on Google’s page for “Places.”
  • Click “Get Started Now” and claim your listing. Login with pre-existing Gmail/Google+ account or go through “Sign Up” (located in upper right corner)
  • You’ll be lead through a questionnaire in order to update you page.
  • Google will authenticate your page by calling your business phone.
  • Load up your best photos and videos to the page.
The most important step comes up next. Contact as many of your satisfied customers as possible and try to get a few positive comments and reviews on the Google+ Local page. Let them upload the comments directly the Google page.
Google+ Local will soon be the way of the world. Try to get ahead of it and take control and advantage.
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